I am from The Payment Center in Talladega, Alabama. We have been accepting bill payments for walk in customers for 3 years. We currently service over 2500 people in our community. Several months ago, we received a solicitation from E-Time System to let them be our electronic bill processor for a substantially lower rate, and promised better customer satisfaction and service.

We implemented their program, and soon thereafter we started having problems with payments being posted. Our reports were screwy, the girl who ran our office, found another job, and left things in quite a mess.

When we started going over the accounts, we discovered that there was money missing, our first inclination was that the girl who worked for us stole money. But after looking at the evidence, we found that E-Time System was duplicating serial numbers, incorrectly adding payments up, and withdrawing too much money from our account. They had set up a password on our computer so they could access it at any time.

We immediately cut them off and refused to fund them any more. As a rebuttal to us cutting them off- THEY BACKED OUT OF CUSTOMER PAYMENTS!! tried to extort more money from us, and threatened that if we didn't send them more money, they would cancel customer payments, and laughingly said, "You might as well shut the doors, people are going to come into the office and they are going to be so mad". He even called the current subleasor of our business and told her she better not take the store.

People have been coming into our office with paid receipts from E-Time System, but their money had been backed off, CEO Gil Bareski had taken his RPPS MasterCard terminal and starting voiding customer payments in an attempt to shut The Payment Center down.

I don't know how many people have been hurt by this. But no matter what kind of dispute someone has with another business, you never hurt the consumer. This man has not one professional bone in his body, and I would like to warn BOTH businesses and the general public about this company.

They also own OmniComp, and PrePaid Star is one of their other lines.




Monetary Loss: $10000.

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You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material


Never trust etime system and gill barzeski he is a small time crook that will try to steal from you blind and will get mad if you call him out. Stay far away from etime system you will only lose your hard ear Ed money etime system is a scammed


Yes I totally agree with you there x on mr gill barzeski being a crook..

I decided to sign up for his services. . However after using his system I was contacted by my credit card fraud specialist team , to be told that gill barzeski was stealing my funds . I confronted him and threatened to raise he'll.

And he quickly gave back the 5000 dollars he stole.In my opinion gill barzeski is a small time crook that needs to be put in his place


I worked for this company, and it is basically company policy to rip off as many customers as possible. Its engrained in the culture of the company. The owner, Gil Barzeski, is a theif and I have personally witnessed him debit/ACH his customers accounts knowing full well that they didnt owe us anything.

All of the employees are rude, and either have an IQ below 50 or are foreign immigrants you cant understand.

He is also violating PA law by processing bill payments (money tranfer) without a license.

I would stay faaaar away from these guys if I were you, I know from experience.

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